Ayurvedic Massage – a Good Pain Reliever

Ayurvedic Massage – a Good Pain Reliever
Relieve Back Pain with Right Approach

Certain forms of holistic healing have become much more popular during the last few years, but most of these treatments have been around for centuries. One of those is ayurvedic therapy, which is being applied to relieve pain in many instances. For people with all sorts of pain, including muscle and joint pain, an ayurvedic massage can be an excellent way to get back into shape. The interesting thing is that an ayurvedic massage can be an excellent treatment for many different common types of pain that people experience.

Those who practice ayurvedic treatments focus on certain pressure points in the body. Specifically, they keep focus on the Indian pressure points and places called marmas. These are the areas where joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments come together, and they can be a source of tremendous pain for people with certain physical ailments. By focusing on these areas, ayurvedic massage therapists are able to work out tension in a number of different areas. Though different types of massages have been more popular over the course of time, there are few things that provide the overall body impact that this sort of ancient therapy can.

So what types of pain can an ayurvedic massage go about relieving? The interesting thing is that it can target places that most massages never impact. By getting out the negative toxins in your joints and muscles, the entire body can experience a revolutionary feeling of healing. Things like ulcers, stomach inflammation, brain disorders, and other types of internal injuries can be worked out when you take the time to visit an Ayurveda spa. There are Ayurveda resorts all over the country, where people have taken to the unique type of treatment that they are given.

When considering what to do for some of your more difficult pains and difficulties, you are going to have many different options. Some people might suggest surgery, and some folks might tell you just to tough out something like an ulcer. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. With ayurvedic massage treatment available, you can experience something known as Panchakarma. This is a total cleansing of the body and mind, and it gives you a new lease on life, so to speak. When you make the commitment to this type of holistic healing, you are putting your body through something that will ultimately make it healthier and make you feel much better in the end.


Relieve Back Pain with Right Approach

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Relieve Back Pain with Right Approach

Relieve Back Pain with Right Approach

Issues of back pain have become one of the most commonly found health issues in people from all parts of the world. Despite of being touted as an issue for the elderly, the issue is now found among people from pretty much all age groups. Although there are several possible reasons for the development of back ache, one of the root causes of back issues is inadequate care. Even though the backbone is undoubtedly one of the most worked parts of the human body, most people take it for granted and eventually pay the price in the form of back related ailments.

Intake of Essential Nutrients

When it comes to the measures you can take to deal with back pain in the spine, ensuring apt diet should be the first task on the cards. By including food items offering apt quantities of calcium and protein, you will be able to ensure that your body is getting the required amount of these essential nutrients required for healthy back muscles and backbone. Since protein is imperatively important for the development of back muscles while calcium plays the same role for bones, ensuring that your daily diet includes the required quantities of these nutrients is simply indispensable.

Exercise of Back Pain

Apart from inapt nutrient intake, another common reason for the development of back pain in the spine is lack of workout. Since long working hours seldom leaves us with the time required to join a gym, not many of us are able to work out on a regular basis. However, going for an exercise of back pain is sure to help you relieve back pain to a great extent. In case you do not have the time to go to a professional gym, you can buy suitable exercise equipment aimed at facilitating exercise of back pain, and work out at home as per your own covenant.

Correcting Inapt Back Posture

Sitting or standing in an inapt posture is also a commonly found cause for the development of back pain. Hence, if you are one of the many dealing with back pain, it is recommended that you check your posture by standing or sitting in front of a mirror and check if any of your body parts are protruding. If this is found to be the case, you need to put in deliberate efforts to correct the problem. However, if self-help does not work, you may go for a professional specializing in posture correction therapies.

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Yoga Poses for Muscle Pain Relief

Yoga Poses for Muscle Pain Relief

Yoga poses are famous for helping with weight loss, toning muscle, and aiding in balance.  There are numerous other benefits to Yoga, and we will discuss that of muscle pain relief.  We will first discuss why Yoga is extremely beneficial for alleviating pain and we will examine a few simple and effective Yoga positions you can perform at home or in your office.

Muscle pain is generally caused by strain or tension.  If you are doing little more for your pain than taking some over-the-counter or prescription pain it will continue to be an annoyance.  Practicing yoga poses helps to relieve pain in two (2) major ways:

1.  Yoga positions open up and stretch your muscles naturally

2. Yoga is properly performed with deep breathing, which delivers oxygen to the muscles to help heal it.

So what are some basic and beneficial yoga poses which can be performed independently of an entire sequence?  For this article we will focus on back and neck pain.  Quite a few people suffer from back and neck pain, and here are a few yoga positions you can practice to help alleviate such pain.


Cat/Cow is a yoga pose which is performed on all fours (hand and knees).  Look straight ahead and take a deep breath while you lower your belly to the ground and heighten your rear.  You are now in cow position.  Hold your breath for as long as it took you to draw it in then exhale and return to your start position.

Next, inhale deeply once more and low your head, trying to relax your neck completely; and as you inhale raise your spine up and round out your rear like you are a cat in a deep stretch.  Hold in this position for the same count of breaths, then return to start position.

Repeat this sequence 6-8 times at minimum.

High Cobra

High cobra is performed on the belly with your legs straight and your toes pointed away from you with the tops of your feet on the floor.  Plant your palms on either side of your chest and bring your spine up one segment at a time, beginning with your head.  Keep your belly on the ground and push slowly with your arms and pull your head back as if you’re trying to bring it to your toes. Again, like in cat/cow, inhale when you’re moving into position, exhale and inhale when you’re in position, and exhale as you return to start.

Repeat this action at least 6-8 times.

Swaying Willow

You will be standing for swaying willow with your feet approximately shoulder width apart.  Starting with the base of your skull begin lowering your upper body, breathing slowly and deeply the entire time.  Go all the way down until you are bent at the torso.  Make sure to relax your neck and let your arms dangle down.  Once you’re relaxed, begin to sway slowly from side to side, allowing your head to get as close to each foot as possible.

Sway at least 5 times on each side, then slowly rise back up and repeat a few more times.  This is also one of the best yoga poses for relieving tension in the thigh muscles.

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from LBP? (LBP: Lower Back Pain)

Do you want to relieve pain with a conservative treatment option instead of having surgery?

1.) Introduction to This Article

All of us know how bad lower back can is… It can really make everything you do in a day much harder. Maybe you can already agree with that statement all to well! – When it comes to lower back pain, there are a few honest treatment options out there that can provide you with relief. Beware of all those gimmicks out there, and know that this is NOT one of them. This information is coming to you from people who help reduce back pain on a daily basis. We work with people to help them past some of their worst low points and help get them back to their normal lives.

2.) Back Pain Causes

There are so many causes of back pain that you could seemingly read on forever, trying to learn all of them. We are going to touch upon the main causes of lower back pain in this article and in the next section we will talk about a pain relief option that has been tested and is medically documented.

A.) Discs Problems: Herniated discs that press on spinal nerves can cause not only pain in your lower back but pain or numbness can shoot down your leg and reach your feet on occasion.

B.) Muscle Strains: Whether you strained your muscle by accident or by a traumatic incident, the bottom line is that you are the one that has to suffer from it. Yes, rest helps people get through pain, but you already know that if you make a wrong move while resting that you can send your pain through the roof!

These are just two of the dozens of low back pain causes. Just remember that many back problems can be treated with conservative measures and surgery is typically reserved for extreme cases, like with a fracture or other serious ailment.

3.) Back Supports & Why They Are Like By Physicians and Patients

Physicians will often times tell their patients to get a quality made, low profile back support. Why, you may ask? Well, first of all back braces have been medically studied and their is documentation that states that they actually can help people. Not only do they help to reduce pain but they can also help to promote healing. Not only that, lower back supports are easily concealed with the use of a t-shirt from home! This way, people do not have to know that you have one on unless you make mention of it. If you have back pain, you should not over look them.

*This is health information. We believe in the use and benefits of back supports, but it is best to get medical advice from your physician regarding your particular situation.

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Common Lower Back Pain Treatments



Like with a number of things, beginning with lower back pain treatments have to start somewhere. It must start with a number of basic steps.

Foremost, you have to be diagnosed of a certain condition and be sure that you have discussed with your doctor the lower back pain treatment that is appropriate with your case.

However, lower back pain may often be undiagnosable and many are caused by certain complications that are too hard to recognize even for experts on the field. For some cases on the other hand, symptoms are evident due to anatomical abnormalities and usually require immediate treatments.

For the more common lower back pain, treatment may start with the following routines:

· Rest
It is important to rest the spine when beginning the treatment yet it is equally important to note that rest must only comprise of a day or two. Other than this, resting may be more damaging than good as too much rest may lessen muscle strength. This may also lead to persistent lower back pain. After the symptoms subside, avoid too much physical exertion and activities.

Due to the nature of muscle strain, it is best to avoid irritation on the affected part especially on the spine and the muscles that surround this area.

· Anti-Inflammatory Medications or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
Medications that are covered by NSAIDs are often used in treating inflammation associated with lower back pain and other pains. These medications may both be prescribed or may be bought over the counter.

· Heat Application
This procedure may help ease discomforts caused by muscle spasm that trigger lower back pain. Methods using heat may include hot water, hot bottles, hot bath and heating pads.

· Exercise
This probably is the most essential step in lower back pain treatment. This increases muscle strength and flexibility. Once muscle strength is increased, weight may be better distributed and less force will burden the spine.

· Narcotic Pain Medications
Narcotic medications may be both addictive and dangerous but they are rather effective against pain. It is important that the person using narcotic pain medications is under strict supervision.

· Muscle Relaxers
Muscle relaxing medications may be very effective in treating the symptoms of back pain through relieving muscle spasm. Among these are trade names such as Flerexil, Valium, and Soma.

· Physical Therapy
The focus of physical therapies is the exercises concerned on the back, naturally enough. Yet, if symptoms did no subside using this method, there are other forms of treatments that may be employed such as ultrasound, yoga and aquatherapy.

All these methods of treatments may be used separately or may be combined with other modalities to induce immediate body response.